The North Star of your life's work is calling you forth!
Now You just wish you knew 
where to get started.



Soul Venturer is creating the world's first ever calling navigation company! Over the past few years Soul Venturer has developed a unique  methodology that has helped many of their clients effectively navigate a smooth journey into their calling, while navigating their family and financial needs. They have done this using a three step mapping system that was created by their CEO Robert B. McGuinness. This unique mapping system encompasses a particular syntax of having you gain clarity on exactly what your calling is first; before ever considering when to leave your career, while matching your unique pacing, timing and financial situation of your journey.

As you are reading this right now, 60% of our workforce is completely disengaged from what they are doing in their current roles. Simultaneously just in the last two years alone 25 million new businesses have been formed, which has lead close to 44 million Americans with some form of a side hustle already. The rise of the internet and social media have never made it easier for anyone to monetize what they are good at. Furthermore, with robotics and automation on the rise, many professionals are left with a lot of uncertainty about the future. We are living in a time where it has never been more ripe or right for you to leave your career for your calling!

See below How our clients have effectively made a smooth transition...

Amanda Easton

Founder of The Tiny Star Project 

“ After being a teacher for 20 years I was in a sea of overwhelm with trying to develop what I thought was my next move from scratch. I knew there was something brewing within me and I had something bigger to offer, but the path was unclear and I had limited experience with business building period, let alone marketing or messaging. When I spoke with Robert I had no doubt that this was the move I needed to make to get me to the next level. As soon as I began working with Robert so much became clear; personally and professionally. With Robert's support I was able to fill my first retreat with 11 women!! [...] If you really want to gain clarity on what you are here to do and make huge leaps forward in actualizing it in a way that deeply aligned, you need to work with Robert and Soul Venturer immediately!!!!”

Stephanie Oca

Founder and Creative Director At
SOCA Designs

"At Soul Venturer, I was able to clarify and execute on my dreams and goals of starting my own company. While working with Robert and his team, it has guided me into exploring a part of myself that I couldn’t take hold on my own before. Because of the numerous strategies and a network of people he introduced me to, my transition proved to be greatly smoother against the intense current that it was already on. The road blocks that I was subconsciously denying myself from facing, became effortless battles to continually grow to exponential levels. His program will have you gaining clientele that are aligned in your truest soul servicing identity."

Viara Iyadūnn

Co-Founder of Angels and Tomboys 
As Seen On Shark Tank 

" I’m always advising and challenging other people to dig deeper, but I have been guilty of not always stopping to apply the advice I give to others to myself. Coaching with Robert, reminds me of how necessary it is for me to always check and evaluate self. To wake up what’s lying dormant inside of me. The greatest benefit has been accepting what I knew was already there.”

Danyra Varela

“ The results I have gained in the Awakened Accelerator course have been life changing and incredibly consistent! I had over 25 breakthroughs in the 8 week course that have cleared my path from my blocks that were not in my sightest awareness. My biggest takeaway from the course was learning how to listen to my body to know what feels aligned for me to activate my inner GPS to lead me to make decisions that are in my soul’s alignment. I also gained immense clarity on my soul’s mission and have narrowed it down in a way that serves a niche audience. This has allowed me to begin the process of executing my dream business and creating it into my life-long journey to help others through my purpose. Nothing makes me feel more energized and alive than this feeling! Prior to this course I was lost, and had lots of blocks in front of my soul’s mission and I did not know where I was going. Working with Robert has been powerful and inspiring, he is so attentive, supportive and committed to my growth! He has helped me realize how possible it is to create my dream into an ACTUAL reality. Life hasn’t been the same since!” 

Evan Criscolo

"Working with Robert and Soul Venturer was really a great experience. My biggest take away was getting in touch with the events from my past that formed the patterns that have caused me to engage in people pleasing behavior and fostered a lack of authenticity to myself. I think I was most surprised by Robert's emotional maturity and sensitivity, I felt like I could be open and trusting without any reservations. I felt safe and understood every time we went deep on some very personal things. Robert was an excellent guide on my inward journey and I felt like he helped me uncover things no one else ever has. I told Robert stories from my past that have been buried for years and that I never told anyone before. What I have uncovered by going through this course was that, no one can do what I can do, my art is sacred. I feel now I am ready to enter into all my dealings with an increased sense of self worth. I am seeing my work in a new light as something much more special than I used to. Something to be honored that is sacred and unique to me. I feel a very legitimate confidence boost and I am even more hungry than I was before. I now know that becoming the artist I have always been is only the beginning of a much larger journey to create a space for art and creativity in the future. I can see how my souls mission can really carve out a place and improve the world in a way that will bring me personal fulfillment every step towards actualizing the bigger dreams."



You know you are getting a calling, you just wish you knew what direction to head into and how to get started! Clarifying your path is about uncovering what your North Star is and is meant to look like in the world. There is an impact you are destined to head into, and a blueprint that already works for your life, that is there to point you North! There is no need to recreate a new wheel that will not work for you. You already have a map that works for you!


Your North Star is clear, but, it has to be used to serve others and humanity! Claiming your path is all about recognizing that this map and North Star that you are here for is not negotiable. It is about playing a bigger game and claiming a bigger possibility for the future of humanity. This is truly your life's work and now it is time to claim it for others. Claiming it, means that there is only one choice, that is the choice of your destiny! 


Venturing into your path is about bringing your North Star into the world now! It is about realizing that the world needs this North Star to come to life. You are now called to create and build this vehicle to serve others. In this process, you are now bringing forth this mission into the world through serving others. You are now living your life's work!

Start Your Soul Venturer Journey Today! By Scheduling Your Mapping Session

In the mapping session you will walk away with the following.

  • Your unique mapped out strategic plan of what you need to make your calling a reality! 
  • A guided meditation with one of our specialists that will help you uncover what is the unconscious wall you keep running into. 
  • An identification of where in the three stages of your journey you are in and why, and what you need to do, to move into the next section
  • ​A realization of what has been and what has not been working for you on your journey and how to course correct. 
  • ​An evaluation if we are a fit for our program or not, along with details on our programs with what is included and pricing.

What is a Soul Venturer?

The Soul Venturer is the individual that continually says YES to the journey and calling for more in their life.

The Soul Venturer is an archetypal representation what is truly required to actualize the parts of ourselves that seeking more in our life. It is an individual who knows they were put here on planet earth to do more than just earn a salary or collect benefits. 

Rather they awaken to realizing that they were given very specific gifts and talents to be used for a very specific mission. When they take that mission along with their gifts and execute them powerfully, it becomes more than just a business. It becomes an explosive mission that serves the world from their soul! 

A Soul Venturer is an individual who is constantly and courageously always saying YES to the journey their soul is calling them to embark on.

How will you venture?
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