Amanda Easton

Founder of The Tiny Star Project 

“ After being a teacher for 20 years I was in a sea of overwhelm with trying to develop what I thought was my next move from scratch. I knew there was something brewing within me and I had something bigger to offer, but the path was unclear and I had limited experience with business building period, let alone marketing or messaging. When I spoke with Robert I had no doubt that this was the move I needed to make to get me to the next level. As soon as I began working with Robert so much became clear; personally and professionally. With Robert's support I was able to fill my first retreat with 11 women!! [...] If you really want to gain clarity on what you are here to do and make huge leaps forward in actualizing it in a way that deeply aligned, you need to work with Robert and Soul Venturer immediately!!!!”

Viara Iyadūnn

Co-Founder of Angels and Tomboys 

As Seen On Shark Tank 

" I’m always advising and challenging other people to dig deeper, but I have been guilty of not always stopping to apply the advice I give to others to myself. Coaching with Robert, reminds me of how necessary it is for me to always check and evaluate self. To wake up what’s lying dormant inside of me. The greatest benefit has been accepting what I knew was already there.”

Stephanie Oca

"At Soul Venturer, I was able to clarify and execute on my dreams and goals of starting my own company. While working with Robert and his team, it has guided me into exploring a part of myself that I couldn’t take hold on my own before. Because of the numerous strategies and a network of people he introduced me to, my transition proved to be greatly smoother against the intense current that it was already on. The road blocks that I was subconsciously denying myself from facing, became effortless battles to continually grow to exponential levels. His program will have you gaining clientele that are aligned in your truest soul servicing identity."

Jenilee Roy

“I would absolutely recommend this program! Robert has an amazing ability to help you dive deeper in coaching sessions in a safe and loving atmosphere. I had some amazing aha moments and some completely vulnerable moments that I felt comfortable.The support, compassion, action plan and motivation I received from Robert was something I have never received before from a coach. You can feel that he really cares about you and your success! Before the course I felt very scattered and no real sense of direction with my life and business, I was working as a health coach for someone but always knew I was capable of more. I knew I wanted to get it up and running, but Rob really helped me target in on my 'why' of starting a business. After the course I have been able to attract clientele that are aligned with the programs I offer which in turn helps with retention of my clients.The biggest takeaway for me was diving deeper into my identity and who I really am. Over the past few years my self worth had been declining because of a sense of a loss of identity and purpose due to changes that were happening in my life. To be able to find that again has given me new purpose and inspiration! The most surprising thing for me that showed up was some self sabotaging beliefs that I held. Once I discovered them I was able to change my mindset and thinking around them. I feel as though I have always really known what I’m meant to do but this process was able to confirm things for me and give me the confidence needed to move forward. I have really uncovered that I really am a strong, loving confident woman who will achieve what she is meant to do! My truth that I have remembered about myself is that I have a voice that needs to be heard and I need to express myself without any feeling of being small. I need to play big and know that my voice matters.

Danyra Varela

“ The results I have gained in the Awakened Accelerator course have been life changing and incredibly consistent! I had over 25 breakthroughs in the 8 week course that have cleared my path from my blocks that were not in my sightest awareness. My biggest takeaway from the course was learning how to listen to my body to know what feels aligned for me to activate my inner GPS to lead me to make decisions that are in my soul’s alignment. I also gained immense clarity on my soul’s mission and have narrowed it down in a way that serves a niche audience. This has allowed me to begin the process of executing my dream business and creating it into my life-long journey to help others through my purpose. Nothing makes me feel more energized and alive than this feeling! Prior to this course I was lost, and had lots of blocks in front of my soul’s mission and I did not know where I was going. Working with Robert has been powerful and inspiring, he is so attentive, supportive and committed to my growth! He has helped me realize how possible it is to create my dream into an ACTUAL reality. Life hasn’t been the same since!” 

Frank Piazza

Co-Creator Told Nuggets 

“ My biggest takeaways in regards to working with Robert in his course were around uncovering areas of myself that I was completely unaware of. Such as, fear of success or death, longing for security, my ego’s need for control and lack of self gentleness. Becoming conscious of these things has allowed me to see why I had been ingrained in certain patterns of behaviour, which allowed me to work through these things and free myself from their grip. I am now able to create more freely because Robert has helped me to calm the chatter in my head. I am better able to channel my inspiration, which as a creator is huge. I am less stressed now and I enjoy life more! I would certainly recommend this program to people because Robert is a powerful and gentle coach that can help you see yourself and help you get out of your own way. Working with Robert was challenging in the best way possible. Said simply - Robert will keep you honest, challenge you where you need challenging, and call you out on your bullshit! Robert was a great mirror for me, and he was extremely encouraging and supportive!” 

Evan Criscuolo

“Working with Robert and Soul Venturer was really a great experience. My biggest take away was getting in touch with the events from my past that formed the patterns that have caused me to engage in people pleasing behavior and fostered a lack of authenticity to myself. I think I was most surprised by Robert's emotional maturity and sensitivity, I felt like I could be open and trusting without any reservations. I felt safe and understood every time we went deep on some very personal things. Robert was an excellent guide on my inward journey and I felt like he helped me uncover things no one else ever has. I told Robert stories from my past that have been buried for years and that I never told anyone before. What I have uncovered by going through this course was that, no one can do what I can do, my art is sacred. I feel now I am ready to enter into all my dealings with an increased sense of self worth. I am seeing my work in a new light as something much more special than I used to. Something to be honored that is sacred and unique to me. I feel a very legitimate confidence boost and I am even more hungry than I was before. I now know that becoming the artist I have always been is only the beginning of a much larger journey to create a space for art and creativity in the future. I can see how my souls mission can really carve out a place and improve the world in a way that will bring me personal fulfillment every step towards actualizing the bigger dreams.”

Dan Timpane

“Soul Venturer is a perfect program for anyone looking for more clarity about what their life’s mission is and to discover who they are on a fundamental level. One of the most important skills that I learned during Robert’s course is how to focus my energy and mind to understand the sensations and emotions my body was experiencing. By learning to live in the present moment, I was able to reveal limiting beliefs about myself. Robert helped me realize that everything happening outside of me is a projection of everything that’s happening internally. During our coaching calls, Robert helped me shed my doubts, gain new confidence in myself, and redefine what I perceived ‘success’ to be. Robert is an incredible coach who truly cares about your success. I would recommend anyone to work with Rob who is interested in realizing their true potential.”

Ruth Dornsainville

    Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corp. 

  CEO/Founder of Top Talent Revolution 

Working with Robert has absolutely changed my life for the better! Robert has a great way of helping you implement a very simple and specific routine to help you clear away any blockages that may be in your way to get faster results. One of the biggest surprises that I took away from his course was helping me create a new belief system that actually helped me helped me attract a soulmate relationship in my life! His course helped me to utilize the law of the universe to attract the right people to help me get things done in my business that has allowed it to grow! 

Peter Lyons

 CEO/ Founder of 


“ I’ve known Robert for four years now a s a former colleague and a friend. We worked together in sales in the past, and I always admired his work-ethic, critical thinking, and the results he always delivered. I recently started coaching with him, and it’s been life changing. He’s helped me dive deep and really get to the root of what’s been holding me back from seeing massive levels of success. I’ve been working with him for a few months now, and I feel that I’ve made exponential progress in my business and personal life! He structures the coaching calls where I learn something new on each call. He also helped me uncover so many blocks that I didn’t even know about within myself. Some of these blocks have been instrumental in helping me build my brand and business to what it is today. I consider Robert a great friend, a great accountability partner, and an invaluable mentor for all entrepreneurs who want to learn to awaken to their divine performance!”

Melissa Dunlevy

 Founder Sunny Babe Beauty 

“ Working with Robert was very transformational! He was gentle, but also pushed me when I needed it. The biggest thing I took away was truly being able to listen to myself on a much deeper level. Which has helped me learn the difference between my major ideas that are going to make my business drastically grow and the minor ideas that could be implemented but may not make it or break it. One of the biggest results I have gotten is discovering what is in my alignment and what thrown out of my alignment. As a former salon owner, I discovered being the owner and operator of the salon was out of my alignment at that moment in time. I decided to transition the business and focus on my passion as a bridal hairstylist. I would for sure recommend this program to anyone that is ready to take the next step in their life and business. You will be surprised at the tremendous growth that will take place! I have experienced SO MANY transformations while being in this course not only business-wise, but also on a deep personal level. I feel like I have grown into the person I have always seen myself to be. I have shed a lot of old patterns that are holding me back. After the live event, the energy shifts I experienced were life changing and was the icing on the cake!”

Brayden Peters

Founder Of Fight For Freedom 

"The Awakened Accelerator course changed my life FOREVER! I came into the course with what I thought my life was supposed to look like and who I thought I was, then finished the course having a much clearer understanding of who I really am and what I’m really supposed to do with my life. He helped me uncover what my gifts really were and how to begin using them to serve the world. I had a pretty good head on my shoulders coming into the course, I had already quit my job and was venturing down the entrepreneurial path. I’ve always wanted a great life and I knew I was put here for something BIG. My biggest takeaway was learning to let go of wanting to figure my life out. I can’t (nor can anyone else) fathom the irrational with my rational mind so if I continued trying to figure out how my life would look; I would be severely limiting myself. I recommend this program to EVERYONE who knows they were meant for something BIG in their life! We as humans have so many stories and blind spots that prevent us from finding answers. Robert has an amazing ability to help us clear the noise so we can connect to the part of ourselves that already know the answers. He’s so easy to talk to and at the same time, he really gets to the bottom-line of where we’re at. My Biggest takeaway was that my definition of success was flawed, when I started this course I solely defined success as how much money I made, I thought I wasn’t being driven by money but I totally was. It was a blind spot that I couldn’t even see, which held me back from being “me” and seeing that I was here for something bigger than just money. Another big takeaway was when Robert said that “My soul is here to crash my certainty” meaning that I needed to let go of MY WAY, and let the divine show me THE WAY. I don’t know the way, so if I’m always stuck to MY WAY, I’ll constantly be selling myself short of my BIGNESS. I came into the course thinking I was going to be a badass salesman, little did I know I was meant for so much more. Now I see my path with more clarity. I am here to lead men and women to a life where they no longer struggle with a pornography addiction. Robert is the only reason that I’m now way more in touch with who I really am."

Michelle Fancher

“ I went In to this course looking for clarity and clarity is what I got! At first I felt I wasn’t the right person for a coach, after the course I see why the whole world needs a coach and I truly believe that!. We are all trying hard to figure all this out and there are resources accessible to everyone should capitalize on. I realized that what I was worried about most was the first thing within myself that I needed to face, that shift was perhaps my biggest takeaway. That I’m standing in my own way and that without a coach I could potentially have never seen the things that life was desperately trying to show me. Knowing that the way I was seeing my current situation was dysfunctional and not serving me, was the necessary first step! Naturally and immediately, circumstances began to shift. The support I received through making some necessary but frightening changes was a gift I never anticipated. It was one of the most profound surprises working with Robert. That it wasn’t entirely about bringing me somewhere else, but seeing me where I was at. For someone like me, a teacher, with a burning inner desire to take anything I know and feel to be true, and spread it around like confetti, it’s difficult to NOT constantly encourage other people to do what I just did in this course. Although Robert has a career oriented mission intertwined in his work, there are gifts within his work that far surpass one area of life. The lessons are invaluable to anyone no matter your path, they apply to all areas of life. I immediately felt a comfort level with Robert that fostered a dynamic making it effortless to dive deep and feel safe in doing that. Through Robert’s guidance, I am recognizing that after getting married with children I did forget who I was on some level. This course reminded me of the path I have always been on and clarified my next steps, which brought me back to this feeling of being home again! It wove the threads of my life experiences together in a way that revealed a deeper path that I have been walking! It brought this path to light and into to my awareness where now, all things seem possible. "

Cori Moyes

"I'd been following Robert's work for about a year when I felt the impulse to book in a call with him. I am an energy healer and transformational coach and was in the process of making some life changing decisions. Needless to say, I was feeling stressed and coming to the edge of myself. Within 15 minutes Robert was able to help me presence what was happening and shift out some physical pain that was rooted in underlying held emotions that were really impacting me. I had had multiple sessions with other professionals in the healing/coaching world with no success. I knew then that I needed to work with Robert and that there was a powerful synergy happening and that he had something valuable to teach me. Working with Robert was unlike anything I have experienced in the sense that I have always worked and trained with female mentors. Being a powerful female, held by the divine masculine was key to helping me re-associate with my own feminine aspect, the me that needs to receive and be more balanced in my own masculine/feminine energies. Because Robert has such a beautiful way of holding space, it really allowing me to feel safe enough to drop into the recesses of myself and release some long held trauma from an assault early in my life, he helped me see where I was living unconsciously and not fully embodying my power both in my life and in my practice. He lovingly and powerfully held me accountable to my growth and also helped me see that the way he was holding space for me is exactly how I hold space for my clients and why I am so successful transitioning them from breakdown to breakthrough. I had forgotten my power. I had forgotten that I have a choice in how I show up in every area of my life. Through his guidance I was able to reconnect to my divine feminine on a much deeper level and breakthrough my resistance to receiving deep support, to allowing myself to be held by the divine masculine and to move into deeper truths within myself. I can now more easily decipher what is a hell yes for me and when I need more information. There has been a massive shift in my deep knowing of when I sway back into unconscious ways of being. I quickly reset and show up as a more embodied creator of my life, my work and thus have expanded the level of impact I am able to have in the world. Working with Robert has helped me expand my daily meditation practice and really presence myself, my needs and desires and create a path to move forward in my calling as a healer, mentor and coach. "

Melissa Plovie

Financial Professional

“My results working with Robert and Soul Venturer were incredible! I have taken other seminars with other coaches in the past but Rob really took it to another level for me! The content combined my business and personal habits into one program and to me that was amazing. Even when I went to see Tony Robbins I didn’t learn as much there as I did while working with Robert in the Awakened Accelerator Course. My biggest takeaway was learning where my stories and old beliefs came from, Robert was able to help me pinpoint where things were coming from. Robert taught me how to use my stories and beliefs that were holding me back and how to reverse engineer them to actually work in my favor. My biggest surprise I got were the exercises we did, I love how we got to use not only our mind but the connection to the soul along with energy. One moment I was “stuck” and then after an exercise, doors started to open up immediately after. These realizations helped me learn what my gifts were, it created a platform to distinguish how and what I wanted to be, how to be a leader, and how to serve others as well! I absolutely would recommend it! This course gives you the privacy to open and feel in a safe space. I very felt comfortable with no judgement. I have SO much clarity, not just in business but in my personal life! Doubts and beliefs that I had all got removed and unblocked. I am able to trust myself to make clear and consistent goals.”

Ashley Betchley 

“I would recommend this program to anyone looking to seek clarity on their soul & life’s mission, because this program works! You will gain crystal clear clarity on what your gifts are in this world. It will be so true to you that you can never look away again. Prior to working with Soul Venturer I was living in my comfort zone and feeling frustrated and too afraid to move and stuck because of it, but too afraid to make a move. Since working with them I can never look at life the way I did before. I remembered who I really am. I am love, I am depth, humor, a unique voice, a star, and much more, including the gifts my mom left to me. I got to see myself through my soul’s eyes! Therefore, I can’t go back to doing the same things I did before. I feel it in my body the next steps I need to take there’s such clarity. From this clarity, I have gotten to feel this powerful dormant life force energy inside of me. I realized just how afraid I was of its power and depth. I remember the parts of me that are scared are just parts of me I am more than these parts. Instead of walking away from these parts of me, I get to sit with them, another huge takeaway for me was learning that my problems truly are divine. Yes, you heard it right, I love my problems now. My problems are divine because I get to collect the lessons that my problems show me that are there to propel me forward. I used to avoid them and life would try to get me to course correct, but I wasn’t tuned into the signs. What hit home for me was learning the shortcut is the longcut. When I avoid the challenge, I am prolonging my suffering, screw that! Now when a problem inevitably arises I am like “Come to mama” let’s get the lesson! Before the course I knew I felt I was destined for a life that was bigger than I was living, I just didn’t know the what or the how. I wasn’t aware of my gifts. I felt emotionally blocked and not present in my life. Robert made me feel so comfortable, he created the safest space where I felt totally OK being me. He truly leads by example by stepping into his bigness & his alignment. After the course I am further refining the path and method in which I want to share my gifts with the world. But now I know what they are and I know what is in alignment for me and what that feels like. I feel so at peace that I no longer have to play the guessing game on this subject. I now know it is my responsibility to share my bigness with the world.”

Paula Principe

 CEO/Founder of Vintage Glitter 

"Coaching with Robert has greatly impacted my life because I used to think I was “okay” at things, but not good enough so I would always give up on dreams. Now I have so much more confidence that I actually started my own business while working with Robert and truly believe that I will be successful. It has also opened more doors that I couldn’t see before! My biggest takeaway was learning that I can connect to my future self in a meditation and get all my questions answered. It is one of my favorite meditations that I did with Robert because it gave me hope. Lastly the clearing techniques I learned raised my vibration very quickly which helped me manifest faster. The clearing techniques really do make you feel better in the moment and practicing gratitude also raised my vibration quickly so I was able to meditate and manifest faster! "

Linda Lubrano

Founder Of L.L. Beauty Co.

“ Working with Robert during the Awakened Accelerator Course was quite the experience! I had blocks that I didn’t even knew I had! I’m tough person to crack and get through to, but Robert managed to get through to me, in a way that made me feel safe! Robert and this course have given me a perspective on things and things and helped me to see things through a different light that I didn’t know were possible. I am now thinking so much differently than ever before! Robert is patient, kind and will help you get through whatever block you or your business you need to get through to be at your best potential self and operate from a place of super powerful energetic alignment. Myself and my business have more clarity, and feel more connected than ever before! Thank you, Robert!”

Kim Fletcher

Founder of Your Vegan Transformation 

Co-Founder of BodyTech Wellness 

“ Robert makes me realize my purpose more clearly every time we speak.His intuitive abilities to work on what is necessary each session is a gift. I needed to make several life changing decisions and I knew I needed help. I was being held back by “something” that I could not seem to shake on my own. After speaking to Robert once, I knew that he could and would be the person to help me. He cares and his level of commitment to support is extraordinary. I love his style of coaching and appreciate our sessions tremendously. Robert has been instrumental in my new business plan. Working with Robert is a blessing in every way.” 

Monika Muller


“ Robert makes me realize my purpose more clearly every time we speak. His intuitive abilities to work on what is necessary each session is a gift. I needed to make several life changing decisions and I knew I needed help. I was being held back by “something” that I could not seem to shake on my own. After speaking to Robert once, I knew that he could and would be the person to help me. He cares and his level of commitment to support is extraordinary. I love his style of coaching and appreciate our sessions tremendously. Robert has been instrumental in my new business plan. Working with Robert is a blessing in every way.” 

Rajshri Shankar

“ A coach is the best way to get a grip on things. They not only mentor you, but they also guide you through this whole awakening process. In my life, Robert, has been the most amazing and impactful coach I have ever been with. His classes and one on one sessions, were the highpoint of my week. His patience in handling me and my idiosyncrasies were remarkable, he pulled me up everytime stress took the better of me. His meditation sessions, his impactful words and his exercises, have helped me realise many of my goals.” 

Eric Sachetta

Founder of E-Team Inc.

Co-Author of The Amazon Best Selling Book Transform featuring
Brian Tracy

“ Robert is one of the best leaders and coaches I know. The thing I appreciate most about his coaching is that he plays to my strengths. Focusing on what I want and how to attract it into my life through the right focus and action. Robert also walks his talk. He doesn’t just teach this stuff...he lives it, day in and day out. If you are looking to take your life to the next level Robert is your guy to help unleash the potential that is locked up inside ready to explode.”

 Drexell Valiplackal

Co Founder of Level Up Social Media

“ During the time I worked with Robert, my perspective of my environment and money was changed for the better. I learned practical steps to take every day to be more grateful, change my environment for the positive. I also learned that money is a direct reflection of the value you bring others. Robert is very down to earth, responsive and holds you accountable to your effort rather than results. The lessons I learned while coaching with him havehad positive impact in my life, if you are looking to level up an area of your life, he WILL coach you with practical knowledge. Don’t hesitate.”

Anthony Gartman


“Coaching with Robert has been a great experience, he has always been a great experience, he has always been a great friend to me and while coaching he has always been a great friend to me and while coaching he was able to put aside our friendship and really focus on the specific areas to move my business forward. He was a great listener and was never nervous to challenge me on thinking. He helped me discover my true potential and made me think bigger about my life.”

Joe Barlik

“Working with Robert in the manifestation accelerator program is truly changing my external and, internal world in ways that I couldn’t have imagined! Robert has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He cares, is encouraging and, the energy that you get from him fills every part of your body and soul. Every coaching session is an in-depth lesson on each of the six steps to manifestation where you learn to get rid of the negative energy in your body, raise your frequency and, ultimately create a beautiful healthy, happy and prosperous life! I highly recommend anyone to Robert who is ready to break free from their old ways to try the manifestation accelerator program! "
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